Preventive Care

Pap Smears

A Pap smear (or Pap test) is a screening test for cervical cancer in women. Cells are taken from the opening of the cervix and examined under a microscope to detect potentially pre-cancerous cells or other abnormalities. The procedure is very effective and, when used with a regular program of screening and check-ups, can significantly reduce cervical cancer deaths. The Pap test is recommended for women between the ages of 21 and 65.

Physical Exams

A physical examination (also called a medical examination, a clinical examination, or a check-up) is a methodical examination of your body and health by a medical professional. All adults should visit their health care provider regularly for a physical exam, even if they seem healthy. The purpose of these visits is to:

  • Screen for diseases and other health issues.
  • Assess your risk of future medical problems.
  • Update vaccinations.
  • Maintain a relationship with your health care provider in case of an illness or emergency.

Well Child Exams

Well child exams are critical for babies and children to make sure they are meeting developmental milestones and staying in general good health. Each visit to your child’s doctor will include a complete physical examination.  Your health care provider will check the infant or child’s growth and development and try to find and prevent problems. Your doctor will record your child’s height, weight, and other important information. Hearing, vision, and other tests will be part of some visits. Staying on schedule with your well child exams is important and beneficial to your child’s health.