FPCA Offers Online Scheduling

Now you can book your healthcare appointments with just a few clicks, thanks to our Patient Self-Scheduling service from the comfort of your own home.

Our website and portal are easy to use, so you can schedule your appointments at your convenience. Say goodbye to phone calls and hello to hassle-free booking tailored to your schedule.

Not sure what kind of appointment you need? No problem! Please review the list of Reasons for Visit explanations to help you choose the right appointment type.

This service is for established patients only. If you are a new patient, please call the office to schedule your first appointment.

A medical emergency should always be treated in an emergency department whenever possible. Emergency departments are equipped to treat serious medical conditions such as life-threatening/traumatic injuries, chest pain, stroke symptoms, severe infections, loss of consciousness or any other medical condition that may result in serious bodily harm. If you feel you are experiencing a true medical emergency, immediately proceed to your nearest emergency room or call 911.


Reason for VisitWhen to select…
Annual Gynecology Visit
  • Pap and/or Breast Exam needed
  • Women only
Annual Physical
  • Preventative Service
  • Commercial Insurances (BCBS, Cigna, Aetna, UHC, etc)
  • A yearly hands on physical exam
  • Women and Men, ages pre-teen to 64 yrs old
  • Can only be done once a year per your insurance. 
Follow Up
  • Routine follow up/progress check on a condition/illness
  • Chronic Condition follow ups
  • Issues that you have previously been seen for at FPCA

Examples: Follow up on rash, Follow up from recent illness, Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma

Medication Check
  • Prescription refill visits
  • follow up on conditions you are taking medications for to ensure dosage is working. Certain medications require patients to be seen every 3 months, 6 months, etc
  • Medication review for chronic conditions
  • An issue, illness, injury that has been occurring for more than 1 week. 
  • Any issues or discussions you would like to discuss with provider


Examples: migraines, back pain, 

Sick Visit
  • An acute illness/injury that has recently occurred
  • Overall not feeling well

Examples: ear pain, flu/covid symptoms, recent injury/fall

Virtual Visit
  • See a provider from the comfort of your home  through a Virtual Visit option for Follow Ups, Medication Checks, Problem or Sick Visit as deemed appropriate by provider/staff.
  • Not all conditions can be observed/treated/handled via a virtual visit and an in-person visit may be required.

Examples: certain Follow Ups, Medication Checks, Problem Visits and Sick Visits can be seen virtually

Well Baby/Child
  • Preventative Service
  • A yearly hands on physical exam for newborns to pre-teens
Wellness Visit
  • Preventative Service
  • Medicare/Medicare Advantage patients (65 yrs +) looking to schedule an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) should select this reason for visit
  • Not a hands on physical for Medicare/Medicare Advantage patients.
  • Women and Men
  • Can only be done once per year per your insurance