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After Your Visit

Patient Portal
We strongly recommend registering for our patient portal so you will have access to your health information as well as a secure method of communicating with us.  If you requested access to the portal, you should have received an email link that will allow you to register.  If you have not requested access yet, call our office to request an invitation.  

Your insurance will be billed for the cost of your care.  Please note that if you have a deductible, you will be responsible for paying the deductible amount before your insurance will make payment.  If you are having issues with billing, please call 877-LUV-FPCA.

Clinical Summary
At the end of your visit, you should have received a clinical summary which includes instructions from your visit.  You may view this document on your patient portal.  If you did not receive a copy and do not have a portal account, please call your office to request one.

Prescriptions for the visit are usually electronically transmitted to the pharmacy.  If you expected to receive a prescription but your pharmacy does not have it, please contact our office.   It is important that you take your medication as prescribed.  If you do not understand how to take your medication or develop side effects from it, please call your office immediately.

Labs and Imaging
If tests were ordered during your visit, you will need to go to a lab or imaging facility approved by your insurance.  You may contact your insurance for approved facilities.  

If you received a referral, you should call and schedule an appointment with the referring provider.  Please let us know if there are questions or if they do not participate with your insurance.