Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapy is a widely sought-after service, and a quickly growing industry. The goal of this service is to work strategically one-on-one with someone who specializes in developing and implementing a plan to increase mobility, reduce pain, restore physical function and prevent an irreversible disability. 

There are a lot of misconceptions out there, making patients feel as though PT is only for motor vehicle accident recovery, or work and sports related injuries. Our Physical Therapy services work in many different areas from easing the ache of arthritis, pain in areas such as the back and neck, shoulder and elbow, knee, hip and several other joints. They aren’t just for injuries! If you have trouble with balance, PT might work for you. As a patient, it might become very frustrating to be in pain, with the typical radiology exams saying everything is normal, but you know something isn’t right! With anywhere from one session to multiple sessions per week, our therapists will focus their full kinesiology expertise on your symptoms to develop a personalized care plan that fits your needs.

Payment for PT is also a breeze with FPCA’s knowledgeable billing department. As long as we have your health insurance, or claim information, we offer direct billing so you don’t have to deal with the hassle and worry, allowing you to focus on what’s most important – You. (*Please note, deductibles do apply when using Physical Therapy services and if your insurance requires pre-authorization for PT, we will assist in obtaining approval.) One added benefit to this amazing department is your entire care is maintained in the same chart your primary care provider uses. This allows them to keep up with your improvement and request or proceed with the necessary steps, if outside referring is needed.

This gifted crew will develop a plan in the office and provide home exercises to successfully make you, your aches and pains and your recovery quicker. Offering two locations, Ballenger Creek (our Solarex Court office) and in our Walkersville location, this extraordinary team of four is ready to assist you in your physical therapy needs. Click on the Services link above and find more information about our team!

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