Beating the Winter Blues

We all have those friends that embrace the cold. They love winter activities like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and trail runs. These are the type of friends that look at the end of the winter holidays with elation of their adventures to come! Then, there are the rest of us who maintain a countdown clock on our social media pages, letting everyone know how many days remain until spring is sprung! The enthusiasm we feel about warmer months though, is often camouflaged by the depression, balmy temperature-deprived body aches and pains. The good news is, there are things we can do to beat the winter blues!

The main source of the bleak feeling is the reduction in sunlight. Our days are shorter, we spend more time indoors, and staying warm inside sometimes means keeping the curtains closed a little tighter to keep the heat in. The results of this can range from anything related to daytime exhaustion, weight gain and even a decreased interest in social activities. In addition to the light deprivation, after the holidays are over, many of us experience an unfavorable balance in our bank accounts. I mean, come on! As if we weren’t on a downhill slide with the weight gain, we now can’t afford the wardrobe adjustment!

These may not be permanent solutions, but finding ways to adjust and fine-tune our daily activities will definitely remedy some of the basic blahs and get you feeling better.

  • Write a list of your favorite things about summer and try to create them indoors.
    • For sunlight, try a sunlamp. Amazon sells several options.
    • Create a nook, (with your new sunlamp!) and keep books around about summer gardening and cooking ideas, or whatever your summer heart loves.
    • Start planning a getaway for the warmer months.
    • Print photos of the beach or sunkissed hiking trails and post them in your nook.
  • Exercise.
    • Whether you join a gym, or spin in the basement, get moving.
    • Yoga is great tool for beating the blues and refocusing your mind and body in a more positive direction.
    • Find a workout buddy who will hold you accountable for a daily regime of steps. Fitness trackers offer plenty of online, in-app challenges where you can even map virtual runs.
  • Get restful sleep.
    • Drinking warm tea and coffee doesn’t mean they have to contain caffeine. Try a new flavor, add some organic raw honey rather than pure sugar and keep the caffeine limited to your normal morning routine.
    • Stick to a wind-down time, and bedtime schedule.
    • Darken your room only during sleep times and avoid sitting/laying in the bed during the remainder of the day.
  • Netflix.
    • Binge. (Now, that got your attention!) Not the murder mysteries! The workout routines! Like we said, ‘Get Moving’!

Overcoming the winter blues isn’t always a personal endeavor to conquer alone. Sometimes, discussing depression and dismal feelings, even if seasonal, need to be carried out with the help of your physician. Contact us today if these natural remedies are not meeting your needs. We are here to help you beat the winter blues!


~Shannon Hadeed


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