Understanding Insurance Deductibles

“Doc, I am so stressed out! My head is spinning, my neck aches and my bank account is hurting too!”

“What seems to be the cause?”, asked the perplexed physician.

With his head hung low, his hand upon his forehead, the overwhelmed patient replies, “I just don’t understand my health insurance anymore.”

Can you relate? Even being on the other side, the administrative side, we feel your pain. Understanding the, what seems to be, thousands of insurances and plans out there is causing headaches all around! There’s health insurance, life insurance, home and auto insurance, workers compensation insurance, pet insurance…pet insurance? Yes, there’s that too! We need insurance for our insurance!

This is a growing problem for many of Americans and truly understanding your policy, before signing on the dotted line and watching the premiums fly out of your paycheck, is becoming a job in itself. We would like to help you.

Deductibles are a growing trend in the health insurance option. Deductibles are a way to lower the premium of insurance, as long as you understand how it works. The basic deductible is a number which you (and/or your family) is required to meet before insurance kicks in. If it says $1000 individual deductible, guess what? YOU have to pay $1000 in medical expenses before your insurance will begin paying. There are so many variables associated with the various insurance plans and one thing we are noticing is an increasing number of insurance deductibles that do NOT apply to primary care! This is good news for us, as a team of doctors and patients.

Frederick Primary Care Associates, like so many other medical practices in the country, are requiring a “deposit” to be made at the time of service, that will directly apply towards the deductible owed on your insurance policy. For us, this is $75. Knowing and understanding your personal health plan will greatly decrease frustrations. Be prepared, have your insurance card handy, work with our front staff and billing department to narrow down exactly what your responsibility is when visiting your doctor. Read the fine print in your policies, contact your health insurance member services and know the specifics of your contract, especially if you’re in doubt of coverage. And remember, there’s always fine print, even when the TV Doctors of America tell you preventative visits are covered 100%.


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