How Safe is the Patient Portal?

Do you ever feel like you’re entering into the Twilight Zone when you log into your patient portal? In the era of identity theft, ever-changing health information laws and confidentiality, It seems like touching the ENTER key is a risk of life or death! Well, we have GREAT news for you!

Right before you enter your information at the login page, scroll to the bottom and click on FAQ. This is an amazing resource for all of your privacy questions, and even how to fix your password, update/edit information, and more. (Please note: some features are practice specific, such as the Test Results PIN. This is not offered to FPCA patients at this time.)

The most common question Frederick Primary Care employees receive when registering a patient for the portal is: How safe is the Patient Portal? The answer, in layman’s terms, is SAFE. All information between you and your provider is carried over a secure, encrypted connection. For those of us who aren’t “tech savvy” think of it as a military style background check! It’s a secure connection using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to safely transmit your data from one place to another. All of your medical information is stored behind a firewall in Frederick Primary Care’s EMR (electronic medical record) system, Athena.

Basically, your health information is safe with us. Be sure to read through the FAQs on the login screen for more information and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact our security team at 877-LUV-FPCA.

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